Guest Comments


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Comments from our Birch Lake Getaway guest books.

  • “This is such a beautiful place in the fall. My wife & I only stayed 3 nights and wish we stayed a week. Truly Amazing!!!”
  • “Even in the rain this place is magic”
  • “We have never done this before and the home is even more beautiful than the pictures on the web site”
  • “Our family looks forward to our traditional stay at Birch Lake. This will be our sixth year”
  • “We couldn`t have chosen a more romantic place for our honeymoon. We will be back for our anniversaries”
  • “I don`t want to check out. Call my boss and tell him I died”
  • “What a great winter getaway. Took a midnight stroll and never saw so many stars”
  • “Our kids loved the lake and the splash island so much they didn`t ever watch TV or play their computer games”
  • “This home is beautiful and spectacular, you thought of everything. Thank you sooo much”
  • “I can`t remember when we have been so relaxed. I haven’t been able to get my husband off the deck since we arrived”
  • “Birch Lake was beautiful during our spring stay. Bet fall colors are spectacular, we’ll be back”
  • “… Gatorade shots in the hot tub til four AM, slept in late, made a five course breakfast. It doesn’t get any better than this”
  • “We travel a lot and this is the most beautiful place we’ve ever stayed at”
  • “My boyfriend proposed to me by the waterfall. We will be back for our honeymoon”
  • “On a per person basis, your prices are extremely reasonable”
  • “Our family reunion here was perfect and economical. We be back for next years”

Comments on Yahoo travel reviews from guests:

  • “Very relaxing and carefree”
  • “Beautiful scenery”
  • “Very secluded”
  • “The home was so nice, spacious, and clean”
  • “We would recommend this piece of paradise to anyone who asks. We rate it 5 stars”